JSPS Alumni Association in Egypt (JSPSAAE)

Message from JSPSAAE President

President of JSPS Alumni Association in Egypt(JSPSAAE)
Professor Dr. Ibrahim Tantawy
(Professor of Organic & Medicinal Chemistry,
Menoufiya University, Faculty of Science,
Chemistry Department)

Every year, Egyptian scientists go to Japan under the JSPS Fellowship Programs. These research fellows play a very significant and crucial role in strengthening and tying-up the bilateral relations between Egypt and Japan. In order to retain contact with Egyptian JSPS researchers and their host scientists in Japan, an Egyptian JSPS Alumni Association has been established with direct support and guidance from JSPS Office in Cairo. In this alumni association, previous as well as current JSPS fellows can become a member. We are heartily welcoming Egyptian scientists who have awarded JSPS fellowships to join as a member of this association. We will be honored to present membership to them who are interested to join our alumni association activities. The objective of the Egyptian JSPS Alumni Association is to promote scientific exchange, research and cultural collaboration between Egypt and Japan, to encourage collaborative work between the JSPS fellows and host professors, and provide necessary information for Egyptian JSPS fellows for having a hassle free life in Japan. We are inviting all former Egyptian JSPS fellows (including current fellows), who are interested to join in our alumni association activities as members. Let us act as a catalyst for a more fruitful Egyptian-Japanese scientific and cultural relationships.

Association’s Aim

  1. To provide personal and expert guidance to young researchers under JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers and to support Japanese researchers working in Egypt.
  2. To exchange information amongst the Association’s members.
  3. To conduct joint activities with academic institutions and science promotion agencies.
  4. To collect and disseminate information regarding science, technology, society and culture.
  5. To conduct other appropriate activities.

Members of the Executive Committee (FY2016)

PresidentProf.Dr. Ibrahim Tantawy (Menoufiya University)
Vice PresideProf.Dr. Ahmed Saleh (Helwan University)
TreasurerProf.Dr. Mohamed Abou El Hassan (Menoufiya University)
SecretaryProf.Dr. Adel Nassar (Menoufiya University)


Admissions Requirements

  1. Researchers who had been funded by a JSPS Fellowship Program during their stays in Japan, and returned to Egypt.
  2. Payment of the annual membership fee.

How to Proceed to Registration

  1. Please download the application form, and fill it out. Don’t forget to write your name, signature, and application date at the foot of the form. Then, please send it to the office by e-mail (to jspsaae@gmail.com), or by fax (to 02-27363752).
  2. After JSPS Cairo confirms your registration, we will inform you a completion of registration.

Application Form

jspsaae-application_form_for_admission  (Please download this)



* Now HORUS is available in PDF format. Please click on the image to download it.

→Please check the publications of JSPS Cairo Research Station here


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