Bridge Fellowship

The bridge fellowships of this year were Prof. Gamal Mohamed KAMH and Prof. Hesham Rushdey El-Seedi, congratulations. The selection committee selected them based on the criteria as follows.

Candidates are evaluated and selectedfor JSPS bridge fellowship program based on the following criteria

The weight in points

Screening items No.



Contribution to Alumni Activity

i.               Attending the Annual Meeting: 10  

ii.             *Horus & Conferences: 10

                      H: 4  – A: 6 – P: 8  – O: 10   

iii.            Current Board Membership Attendance : 10 (5). Ex-board membership at least: 4

iv.            Hosting and organizing an event for the alumni : 10   



International activity: Joint international projects, international conferences, scholarships and/or fellowships other than JSPS, international awards& etc. 2


Ongoing cooperation with Japanese researcher(s):Current projects, publications, exchange visits & etc. 3


Full publications list in leading national and international journals 4



*H: Horus: 4      A: Conference attending only: 6   P: with poster: 8    O:  Oral :10

Points to be noted:

  1. Candidate should be a member of the Alumni association and has beenregularly paid the annual membership fees.
  2. Candidates who have been awarded JSPS fellowship since 5 yearsat least can be eligible.
  3. Members who have joined the Alumni Association after the announcement of Bridge Fellowship program shall not be eligible for consideration for this year’s round.
  4. Priority will be given to candidates who are currently working inside Egypt and are attending the interview. However, if candidates are not available in this category, then preference shall be given to others.
  5. 5. Members who have completed JSPS bridge fellowship should spent at least 5 years to be eligible for consideration for this year’s round.Once there are more than candidate, priority shall be given to those who didn’t have bridge before.

Past bridge fellowships as follows.

Name University year
1 Abdel Hamid Osman Suez Canal 2010
2 Montaser SbahEldeen El Salmawy Suez 2010
3 Mohsen Abdel Aziz Zommara Kafr El Sheikh 2011
4 Ibrahim Tantawy El Said Menoufiya 2012
5 Waleed Abou El Hassan Kafr El Sheikh 2012
6 Ahmed Mahmoud El Nahhas Menoufiya 2013
7 Adel Elbeltage Menoufiya 2014
8 Ahmed Saleh NRIAG 2014
9 Hany El Shimy Cairo 2015
10 Mohamed Saada El Deeb Cairo 2015
11 Mohamed Abou El hassan Menoufiya 2016
12 Said Amer Kafr El Sheikh 2016
13 Samir Abdel Azim Abdel Galil Alexandria 2017
14 Husen Sorour Kafr El Sheikh 2017
15 Gamal Mohamed KAMH Menoufiya 2018
16  Hesham Rushdey El-Seedi Menoufiya 2018