Japan-Africa Cooperation in the Future, Nairobi

On July 21st, 2016, JSPS had organized the Symposium for the 50th anniversary of JSPS Nairobi Research Station and cooperation between Africa and Japan at Nairobi, Kenya, furthermore in cooperation with many Japanese universities including Kyoto, Nagasaki, Tsukuba,..etc and the Kenyan Ministry of Education. The event was part of TICAD-6 pre-events. JSPS had invited two of JSPSAAE (Prof. Ibrahim Tantawy and Prof. Gad El-Qady) to attend the symposium and exchange JSPSAAE activities with East Africa JSPS Alumni members. The symposium was very fruitful and many points had been raised to foster the cooperation between Japan and Africa. On the other hand, JSPSAAE members had presented our alumni activities and exchanged ideas and views with our African alumni colleagues. Then a short visit to JSPS Nairobi Research Station was arranged by JSPS.

ホームイベント開催済みイベントJapan-Africa Cooperation in the Future, Nairobi