The Recent Advances in 3-D CT Image Analysis and Virtual Reality in Relation to Archaeological Field and Museum Displays

・日時:エジプト時間 5/22, 1:15pm(時差6時間)
(締め切り 5/18)

Attendance is free with the invitation of the members of the research committee and its assistants, with the provision of parking spaces following the international work workshop,
The number is very limited, please register quickly and contact us and get the invitation to attend.

Registration link is

The deadline for registration is Thursday, 18th May 2023,

Guest of honor from japan prof:
Maki Sugimoto MD, PhD, Prof.
Innovation Lab, Teikyo University Okinaga Research Imstitute, CEO of Holoeyes Inc.
Address of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization
Al-Fastat Street, Ain Al-Saira, Cairo

Testimonies of Attendance

The presenter of the seminar
Dr. Walaa Saad Hanafi,
Researcher, Biological Anthropology Department – Institute of Medical Research and Clinical Studies
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