Jun. 1, 2016 Bilateral Joint Research Projects/Seminars FY2017 Call for Proposals was Posted.

JSPS Bilateral Joint Research Projects/Seminars FY2017 Call for Proposals was posted.

JSPS Bilateral Joint Research Projects/Seminars

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) carries out bilateral cooperative programs between Japan and counterpart countries based on agreements concluded with academies, research councils and other science‐promotion organizations in those countries.

The aim of these programs is to form sustained networks evolved from individual scientist exchanges including young scientists. JSPS provides financial support to Japanese scientists implementing such bilateral joint research projects and seminars between research teams from Japan and counterpart countries.

From FY2013 February’s application round, in addition to joint projects/seminars with counterpart organizations, JSPS launched a new scheme for proposals named “Open Partnership Joint Projects/Seminars” that provides Japanese researchers an opportunity to conduct research/seminar with researchers around the world who reside in a country that has diplomatic relations with Japan. (JSPS also treats researchers who reside in Taiwan and Palestine in this manner.)

For details, please refer to as follows.

JSPS receives applications via its online application system.

For details, please refer to http://www‐shinsei.jsps.go.jp/topkokusai/top_kokusai.html (Posted only in Japanese.)

Period for Acceptance: Thursday 25th August to Thursday 8th September, 2016

* Please note that applicants’ affiliated institutions may set earlier deadlines.

**Under no circumstances will JSPS accept applications submitted after the deadline.

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