Symposium of Ibn Sina Arab Conference on Heterocyclic Chemistry and it’s Applications ◆Zagazig University ◆

Zagazig University will hold the symposium,Ibn Sina Arab Conference on Heterocyclic Chemistry and it’s Applications, from the 30th of March to the 2nd of April, 2018 at Hurgada. We, JSPS Cairo Research Station will make the presentation of JSPS program and our activities.


The lecture by JSPS will be on JSPS’s funding strategies to support basic research and scientific breakthroughs, focusing on international research collaborations between Egypt and Japan and to invite researchers to Japan. The former is consisted of 1)Bilateral Cooperation and 2)Core to Core program, and the latter is consisted of 3)Hope Meeting, 4)Fellowship Program and 5)Ronpaku program.

1)For Bilateral Cooperation with Egypt: Based on MoUs, JSPS concluded the agreement with Ministry of Higher Education / Ministry of Scientific Research to implement joint research projects and seminars. In addition to our traditional bilateral programs, we have launched a scheme that allows bilateral cooperation with agencies that do not have MOUs with JSPS. It provides funding to the Japanese researchers, and their counterpart researchers are expected to secure matching funds on their own from any funding agencies. 2)In the Core-to-Core Program, we fund multilateral initiatives by universities and research institutions in order to create a consortium of world class research hubs. Collaborations that include Egypt is eligible for both type A, Advanced Research Networks and type B, Asia-Africa Science Platform. Each project is required to have two or more partner countries.

3)To foster future scientific leaders in the Asia-Pacific as well as to build networks among them, JSPS has been holding HOPE Meetings since 2008. These meetings provide excellent PhD students in the region with opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary discussions with Nobel laureates and with their peers from other countries and areas. 4)JSPS fellowship programs are the main instruments for inviting foreign researchers to the Universities and other research institutions in Japan. JSPS carries out a variety of invitation fellowship programs that are designed to coincide with the researchers’ various career stages and purposes for coming to Japan. For example, JSPS’s postdoctoral fellowships invite promising young researchers from overseas to Japan for a period of 1-2 years. JSPS supports their roundtrip international airfare, monthly maintenance allowance, and a settling-in allowance. Basically, fellows are selected based on the scientific value of their research plans, irrespective of their fields or nationalities. 5) JSPS Ronpaku Program is quite unique. This allows selected fellows to usually stay in their own country, and to visit Japan to prepare for their dissertation with their Japanese supervisors for a certain days a year till they receive PhD degree within 3 years. The Japanese supervisors are also allowed to visit the fellow in return.

Before introducing the topic, the lecture will start with a brief introduction of JSPS and our mission, what we do. The lecture will also touch upon JSPS Cairo Station’s activities.

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