Iftar celebrating Prof. Hany El Shimy as a cultural attaché in Japan

Prof. Hany El Shimy, Cairo University, is nominated as the cultural attache in Japan, he also is doing the Ambassador of Hiroshima University. Hiroshima University held Iftar to cellebrate his position at Sheraton Hotel in Dokki. He is also our active alumni member, he stayed Hiroshima University as invitings scholar by JSPS.

At this Iftar, from Japanese side, there were H.E. Ambassador Kagawa, Mr. Misumi (the consular of Embassy), Mr. Kaneko (the director of Information and Culture Center, Japan Embassy), Mr. Fukazawa (the director of Japan Foundation in Cairo), Ms. Okumura (the secretary of Hiroshima University in Cairo). From Egyptian side, there were H.E. Ambassador Mohamed El Orabi (Ex Minister of Foreign Affairs), Prof. Hany Helal (Ex Minister of Higher Education an Scientific Research),Prof. Amr Adly (Vice President tf Cairo University), Prof. Hossam Ekmalahy (President of Nahada University) and Prof. Any El Shimy. We hope the relation of culture, higher education and researches between Egypt and Japan will strengthn more and more.


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