Al-Azhar Engineering 16th International Conference “Advanced Engineering Applications and Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability”

From 24th to 25th February 2024, Al-Azhar Engineering 16th International Conference AEIC2024 was held under the title: Advanced Engineering Applications and Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability at Al-Azhar Conference Center, Nasr City, Cairo.

The Annual Meeting of The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Alumni Association in Egypt (JSPSAA) was held as part of the conference activities.

There was a special session for the Annual Meeting of JSPS Alumni in Egypt, including five oral presentations and the General Assembly Meeting of JSPS Alumni Association in Egypt.

The members of the JSPS Alumni Association in Egypt (JSPSAAE) had nine presentations: 5 oral presentations at the annual meeting of JSPS alumni in Egyptز

Also, there were four posters for the young researchers who did research under the supervision of the alum members.

The conference has 19 keynote speakers and invited speakers at the plenary and technical sessions; six were Japanese professors and researchers.

Most of the research papers were concentrated on artificial intelligence and its numerous and wide applications in science and multidisciplinary engineering.

The conference has four professors who visited MIT as research students and postdoctoral fellows and are holding a position at the current time.

Prof. Takeda from Nagoya University, Japan, charted his two-decade-long research path, emphasizing his focus on human driving behavior modeling using signal processing. Subsequently, he spotlights the most recent endeavor—a collaborative project with the insurance industry to establish a comprehensive risk assessment framework for autonomous driving services.

Prof. Haitham Elmarakby from Al-Azhar University and MIT touched upon the recent breakthroughs in applying machine learning to medical decision-making. Furthermore, he explored various use cases demonstrating the application of natural language processing (NLP) techniques to extract and process clinical information.

Prof. Nageh Allam from the American University in Cairo discussed the roles of materials engineering and circular economy for several applications, such as green hydrogen production, green ammonia synthesis, biofuel generation, supercapacitors, and water desalination. Prof. Yuta Nishina, Okayama University, talked about the applications of graphene-based materials for biomaterials, energy devices, carbon-based catalysts, and components for electric vehicles. Prof. Fady Alnajjar, United Arab Emirates University, talks about his lab. Projects that harness state-of-the-art tools and methodologies to facilitate better diagnosis, intervention, and daily support for these individuals.

Prof. Maki Sugimoto, Teikyo University Hospital, talks about the innovations brought about by the integration of extended medical image analysis (VR/AR/MR/XR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medical engineering.

Soheir Hawas, Cairo University, gave a presentation about Urban transformations of the city to accommodate temporal variables and Mobility in Cairo.


It was an excellent opportunity for master’s and doctoral students to present their research results and have a beneficial discussion with many researchers and professors at the conference.

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