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Message from Director

I took a position as a director, in April, 2015. My major research topic is history of Islamic architecture and Islamic city, not only in the Middle East, but also in the areas where Islam covers. You could check some of my research results in the following publications: “The Way of Looking at the Islamic Architecture” (Tokyodo Shuppan), “World History of Islamic Architecure” (Iwanami Shoten).

I’m looking forward to researching the cultures piled up in Egypt and their historical changes, looking through the historical mosques and churches, or cities like Cairo and Alexandria.

Our mission is to promote the international academic collaborations between Japan and Egypt, and moreover between Japan and the Middle East. We are pleased to introduce our JSPS programs to the Egyptian and the Middle Eastern researchers, and promote academic information exchanges with them. And we intend to become a mediator between the Japanese researchers and the Egyptian and the Middle Eastern researchers.

In recent years, the sense of crisis about Islam and the Middle East has been growing among the Japanese people, and it’s also supposed that the Middle East needs more time to restore the peace. However, the studies in the Middle East and the Middle Eastern Studies have been evolving constantly.

Our Cairo Research Station aims to take a proactive approach to promoting the international academic collaborations.

Dr.Eng.Naoko Fukami (Director since 2015)

About JSPS

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), or Gakushin for short, is an independent administrative institution, established by way of a national law for the purpose of contributing to the advancement of science in all fields. JSPS’s operation is supported in large part by annual subsidies from the Japanese Government.

About the Cairo Research Station

Entrance of the Building

The Cairo Research Station was founded in 1984.
Its main functions are to collect and distribute such information that promote intellectual cooperation across the boundaries, especially between Japan and the Middle Eastern countries. It also provides a kind of support for Japanese researchers visiting Cairo with the aim of conducting their researches.
Our Station provides Japanese books as well as Arabic and Western language books for public reading to researchers and students who are staying in Cairo.
Receiving international faxes and mails for Japanese researchers is available if needed.

Access to the Cairo Research Station

Address: 9 Al-Kamel Mohammad St. Flat 4, Zamalek, Cairo
TEL&FAX: 20-2-2736-3752
Open Hours: Sun-Thu 10:00am-4:00pm

Publications of JSPS Cairo Research Station

1. Japan’s Civilizational Strategy and the Middle East (Cairo Research Station Lecture Report Series, 1, 1998) 
While serving as director of the JSPS Cairo Research Station in 1998-1999, Eiji Nagasawa hosted a lecture titled “Japan’s Civilizational Strategy and the Middle East” by Prof. Yuzo Itagaki on 3rd December, 1998, in the JSPS Cairo Research Station. This is the report of that lecture.

2. Bookshop Guide in Cairo 2004 (2004))
While serving as director in 2004-2005, Fumiko Hirai promoted a project for making the guidebook for bookshops in Cairo by Japanese students from 2003-2004. And it was published in 2004. Many Japanese students and researchers have used this book as a basic reference for finding books in Cairo since then.

3. JSPS Research Station, Cairo, The 30th Anniversary (2006)
While serving as director in 2015, Naoko Fukami published the commemorative book to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Cairo Research Station.

→Please download the PDF version from here.

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