Feb.8, 2014 “Science Cafe” with the orientation for study opportunity in Japan and JSPSAAE Annual Meeting were held by JSPSAAE and JSPS Cairo Research Station.

“Science Cafe” with the orientation for study opportunity in Japan and JSPSAAE Annual Meeting 2014


Hosted by JSPS Alumni Association of Egypt(JSPSAAE) and JSPS Cairo Research Station
In Cooperation with Embassy of Japan and Kyushu University Cairo Office


Date: February 8(Saturday), 2014
Place: Hotel Novotel Cairo El-Borg
Participants: High School Students, Junior students of University, Postgraduate University Students (MSc & PhD), JSPS Alumni members
[By Invitation Only]

Coordinator: Prof. Ibrahim El Tantawy(Menoufia University, President of JSPSAAE)
Sub-coordinator: Prof. So Hasegawa(Directore of JSPS Cairo Research Station)



Science Cafe
09:00 Registration
10:00 Welcome Greeting from the President of JSPSAAE, Prof. Ibrahim El Tantawy
10:05 Guest Speeches from

  1. Mr. Hideaki Yamamoto (Embassy of Japan)
  2. Prof. Gad Mohamed el-Qady (E-JUST)
  3. Dr. Mohamed Kamal El-Shazly (General Supervisor of Chemistry, Ministry of Education)
10:30-11:50 “Science Cafe”
Session Chair: Prof. Serry A. El-Bialy (Vice-Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mansoura University)
Section A: Medicine
Lecturer: Prof. Mohammed Farghaly Kassem(Chairman of Community Medicine Dept., Faculty of Medicine, Azhar University)
Lecture Title: “Critical Thinking & Successful Career Pathway”
Section B: Agriculture and Water Resources
Lecturer: Prof. Mohsen Zommara(Faculty of Agriculture, Kafr Shaikh University, JSPSAAE member)
Lecture Title: “Agricultural Science: Fields and Applications”
Section C: Chemistry
Lecturer: Prof. Ahmed El-Nahas (Menoufia University, JSPSAAE member)
Lecture Title: “Role of Chemistry in Everyday Life”
Section D: Computer Science
Lecturer: Prof. Passent El-Kafrawy(Menoufia University)
Lecture Title: “Why Study Computer Science?”
12:00-12:40 “Orientation for study opportunity in Japan”
Session Chair: Prof. Adel A. Nassar (Head of Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Menoufia University)
  1. Ms. Akie HOSHINO (Embassy of Japan)
  2. Prof. Safwat Hassaballah (Kyushu University Cairo Office, Azhar University)
12:40-12:50 Short Presentation on the academic activities by the youth student
Presenter: Omar Mohammed Abouelhassan (Faculty of Medicine, Menoufia University)
Title: “Introduction to Medical Student Associations (EMSA)”
12:50-13:00 Concluding Remark (by Prof. Ahmed Saleh, NRIAG, Deputy President of JSPSAAE)
13:00-14:30 Lunch Break
JSPSAAE Annual Meeting 2014(FY2013)
14:30-16:00 JSPSAAE Annual Meeting


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